Unit 6 – Learning HTML and practice system update

Discuss briefly how you went about learning HTML and which resources you used. Comment briefly on how helpful they were (or not), and indicate any intermediate or advanced modules or sections you reviewed. Provide a brief status report on installation of your practice system, if you have elected to try to bring one up.

LEARNING HTML: I used the recommended tutorial http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp
I had previous exposure to HTML, but it was long ago, so I did all of the HTML basic sections. I found the tutorial very useful. I especially like how it allows you to test the HTML you are writing and see the result immediately in a split screen. I intend to go on and do the more advanced sections. I see that this site also has a CSS tutorial. So I guess that’s next!

PRACTICE SYSTEM: I elected to install another virtual machine on my computer rather than to use another physical machine. I followed the standard install instructions, and everything worked as described. I was then successful in assigning static IP addresses to each of my two VMs, and ping each of them as well as access the Apache web server on each of them. I also tried to access webmin, and could not for the new VM, so I had to go back to the Unit 4 instructions and install webmin on the new VM. That worked fine, and then everything tested OK. I then edited the HOSTS file, and now each VM has a name in the file. I was able to access each VM by using the host name in the browser address bar.

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