Unit 7 – learning XML and getting web site up and running

Discuss briefly how you went about learning XML and which resources you used. Comment briefly on helpful they were (or not), and indicate any intermediate or advanced modules you reviewed. Provide a brief status report on the installation of your optional practice system, if you have one.


I learned XML by reading the lecture notes and links provided by Bruce and using the W3Schools XML tutorial http://www.w3schools.com/xml/default.asp.  I found the tutorial adequate for my needs, especially since I can try out examples live. I also looked at two books I own called XML by Example, and XSLT: Working with XML and HTML. I did not watch the videos, since I don’t generally find videos helpful. The XML.com site was fascinating. I also began the tutorials on DTD and XML schemas. I learned more about XML by reading about the TEI guidelines for digital humanities, including the http://www.tei-c.org/release/doc/tei-p5-doc/en/html/SG.html “Gentle Introduction to XML” provided by the site.

My practice system (VM) status: operational and up to date. I was able to connect remotely and run “headless” using a terminal session and opening a secure shell.  I set up my server’s website, and when I went to change the permissions, I found I had already added the group webdev and changed the permissions when I set up the practice system (I followed all the installation directions from the standard install document, which included this, I think). I continued by using fugu to transfer the website and XML files onto my new web server, and I was able to display it properly in the web browser.   I made a personal web space for user mebell on my server, and was able to find it in the browser successfully as well.

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