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At MLA meeting, digital humanists share both research and success stories | Inside Higher Ed

At MLA meeting, digital humanists share both research and success stories | Inside Higher Ed.


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Digital Humanists: If You Want Tenure, Do Double the Work | Vitae

Digital Humanists: If You Want Tenure, Do Double the Work | Vitae.

This article from the new Chronicle of Higher Education job site, Vitae, describes the difficulties digital humanists encounter when tenure committees evaluate their work. As a Ph.D. Candidate in English literature trying to bootstrap my way into the digital humanities (in a program that does not value it), I am not at all surprised that digital projects often do not count toward tenure. My digital projects are, as my dissertation advisor puts it, “a distraction from my real work.” Evidently the situation doesn’t get any better if you find a tenure track job in English. This is changing, slowly–but the main trend is for digital humanists to work off the tenure track in alt-ac positions. While it may be a plus to not have to work for tenure, neither do alt-ac positions provide the benefits of the tenure track.

The good news, according to the article, is that some programs are slowly coming around. The MLA has issued guidelines for evaluating digital scholarship.

The recommendations advise making expectations clear to candidates; asking faculty members familiar with digital work to participate in the review; accepting the work in its original, electronic form and not only, for example, as printed screen shots; and staying informed about technological innovations that help people with disabilities to conduct research, among other principles.

It is a good start.

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Essay asks whether alt-ac careers are really a solution to academic jobs shortage | Inside Higher Ed

Miriam Posner, coordinator of the digital humanities program at the University of California at Los Angeles, posts some cautionary remarks at Inside Higher Ed regarding the future of alt-ac jobs: some cautions I had not necessarily considered. The entire article is linked below: 

But I do hope to give you pause as you consider what a university would look like if it were populated by many more people like me: flexible employees, carrying out a great deal of administrative work, whose time is managed by someone else, who do research when they can carve out the time, whose work belongs to someone else, and who have no voice in faculty governance. The picture begins to look a lot like a corporation. These alt-ac gigs can be great jobs, but they differ in some fundamental ways from faculty jobs as they have been traditionally understood — and not because we’re doing different work, but because we’re doing that work on very different terms. I think we begin to see why so many administrators have embraced the alt-ac model, and why we need to ask ourselves whether this is the future we want for scholarly labor.

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Where Have All the DH Jobs Gone? | Roopika Risam

Today I was searching the MLA jobs list, and noticed that most of the jobs labeled “digital humanities” are jobs about digital media studies, digital rhetoric, or online teaching pedagogy. Jobs of the type that I was looking for, jobs where scholars work on creating digital humanities projects, were few and far between. I noted this on a job hunt listserv that I was following, and one of the other members suggested this article.

Where Have All the DH Jobs Gone? | Roopika Risam.

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