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Unit 3 – texteditors, VMWare

Use the blog this week to describe your experience with the text editors and the hands-on assignments. Include some of the commands you have tried and the results you achieved. What kind of configuration have you done previously on your primary computer and how did the process differ from configuring the Linux files you looked at this week?

I had no difficulty logging in to VMWare and verifying connectivity.  The VIM tutorial was also pretty straightforward, although it took me about two hours to complete rather than the half hour that Bruce predicted. I tried all the commands listed in the tutorial, and they worked as described. I forgot that I was supposed to report some of the results, so I didn’t take any screenshots. I have GOT to remember to start doing that!

I also completed the practice configuration of the .bashrc file as described, including creating the aliases; I also imported the various repositories by configuring the sources.list file and then executing the aptitude command to import and upgrade the packages.  My screen looked exactly like the screens in the examples. In the past, I vaguely remember changing config.sys and boot.ini when I was running MS-DOS, but I don’t remember what those changes were for. Of course, when I use a GUI on a windows machine or a mac, I guess the equivalent operation is to chose options during the install; and then also to change the way certain applications work by changing the settings under the settings tab.

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